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St Mary’s has been serving the people of Chartham and beyond since the early 14th century. Each generation has brought to the church its own particular style and understanding of worship, seen in the architecture and decoration of the building, and we hope to carry on in that that tradition, proclaiming and living the good news of God’s love for us shown in his son Jesus Christ.


Wherever you may be on your particular journey, we welcome you to join us for services and the many other activities here. We are open and inviting to all, whoever you may be, to share our different stories and celebrate the story of God’s love for his creation.


Above all we seek to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead, so that all people may know the forgiveness of their sins and new and eternal life in the Spirit. We hope to equip Christians to go out into the world and live out that Gospel in their various situations. The church stands on its ancient foundations as a sacred space for us all as we engage in community, out there, where the Lord commanded us to go.


A website can only go so far in giving a flavour of our church and community and so we hope you will be able to visit us at some point and get a real taste of the people and the place, to take time out to pray, and draw close to God.

May the light of Christ shine upon you, scatter the darkness from your path, and guide you onwards.


Rev. Phil Brown (Vicar)


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                                                                Rev. Phil Brown




                                                        The Rectory

                                                        The Green

                                                        Chartham, Kent

                                                        CT4 7JW


                                                        (01227) 730141



 Our Parochial Church Council (as at 1st April 2020)


Rev'd Phil Brown                    Incumbent

Robin Slowe                            Churchwarden

Cathy Arnold                           Churchwarden

Anna Robinson                       Elected Member

Jo Ratcliffe                                Elected Member

Julie Hoare                               Elected Member

Mark Axton                              Elected Member

Samuel Gemson Tilak            Elected Member

Simon Hickman                      Elected Member

Tim Dixon                                Elected Member

Vicky O'Sullivan                       Elected Member

Pippa Kiss                                Elected Member

Tony Frost                               PCC Secretary

Tim Kidd                                  PCC Treasurer        




Robin Slowe - (01227) 732431

Cathy Arnold

Meet the PCC


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